Reflections Art Program

Reflections Art Program

The Reflections Program allows students to express themselves through their art. Our committee allows students to choose up to two of the following art categories:

Visual Art


Music Composition

Dance Choreography


Film Production

The students submit their artwork to our local PTA for initial judging. The top five projects in each category advance to the Regional PTA. The top three move onto the State PTA round. The first place entries from the state PTA Reflections contest advance to the National PTA for the final round of judging. 

This year's theme is "Let Your Imagination Fly"

If you are interested in helping on this committee, you can make flyers to post in the school, make a brochure for the awards program, order trophies and medals, help organize the projects to be submitted to the Local and Regional levels, save all projects to a file and make a slide show for the awards program, donate desserts or drinks for the awards program, take a group photo of all our participants at the ceremony, or help with setting up and/or cleaning up on the night of the local awards program which is usually held in December.