The prestigious Pennsylvania PTA Honorary State Life Membership Award is for recognizing deserving parents, teachers, school and community volunteers for outstanding service to educational, cultural, recreational and/or service-oriented activities for the growth of our children and our school.


2013-2014 Award Recipients

Jean King
Michlelle Schooley
Beth Miller
Allison Yarrish
Bill Maguffee
Claudia Maguffee
Jody Lewis
Karen Greene
Dawn Fry
Stephanie Owens


2012-2013 Award Recipients

Tom Tucker
Ashley Coates
Seth Deitrick
Yvette Fleming
Sandy Kitchen
Claudine Lengel
Teresa Bavlish
Allison Cargas
Dawn Fuller
Darlene Pekala



2011-2012 Award Recipients

Susan Johnson
Paula Judd
Tina Mackenzie
Julie Marolf
Dee Murdoch
Deb Rose
Kathy Spinosa
Gayle Staub




2010-2011 Award Recipients

Tom Toone
Kim St. Clair
Sharon Steiner
Karen Bloom
Teresa Williams
Kim Yoder